Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Luis: using technology to give back to others

This video is about Luis, he is 18 years old and lives in Cornelius,Oregon. Here is the hyperlink to the website, I hope to one day be able to insert the video right into the blog post, but hey i'm still learning!

My take away from this video is learning something new about Luis and how he uses technology. He loves technology because it is a better way to connect with family and friends. He loves using technology to improve his studies, and to find out information quickly. He tries to use the technology to better his community not just for himself. His favorite sites are YouTube, facebook, and cnet. He talks about how his parents don't really ever use technology except at the ATM. He is apart of an after school program called the Tech Wizards. It is an after school tied mentoring program that introduces under represented youth to education pathways and to career in science technology engineering and math. He also does a project where he observes trees and then reports back then to the city. He also works with students, and building Lego robotics. At the end of his video his mom spoke, and she said that she told him with your hard work, your dreams will come true. How true that is, if you work hard enough anything is possible.

I love to help the community when I can, but Luis is doing an amazing job! I think out of all the videos I have watched so far he is definitely the most giving with his knowledge of technology.

I hope to teach me students in my future classroom about helping others. I am sure that some of my students will be very good at some things when they are older, I hope that I can influence them into giving back to others with that knowledge.


  1. Good post! Don't be discouraged about not knowing how to do everything yet; it will come to you in time.

    I completely agree with you that Luis demonstrates a great passion for helping others by sharing his computer knowledge with the less priveleged. Someday we'll be doing the same with our own classes...

  2. I loved the comment that Luis' mother made as well! It was very inspirational for me personally. Great blog!! Try to proof read a little better for spelling or punctuation next time. :)