Monday, January 25, 2010

A peek at classroom 9

This video helped me take away a lot of great teaching strategies using the computer. The video is based in Nelson, New Zealand and it was over Rachel Boyd's room nine class. The video was a "peek for a week" over her classroom routines and oral language. They also were working on listening and speaking, and narrative writing. The classroom also learned about the usual reading, maths, inquiry learning, and music as well as physical fitness. The classroom has a blog that they use as a learning experience and love feedback from people. They also have a classroom wiki or what they call the "learning hub"

I found it interesting that the students had jobs that they had to do every week involving the blog. One of the jobs in is counting how many people have visited the blog. So they are using reading skills to find the number and then math skills to post the number in the classroom. Another thing that is a wonderful way to help students learn is they use it for their speaking and listening subject. Each student gets up and speaks to the class about something they did over the weekend, or during the week. The students can use the interactive white board to show a picture that they took of what they did over the weekend! They also use the computer to watch a news article on a New Zealand news website.

Ideas given in this video are some that I would absolutely use in my classroom. Ms. Boyd used technology in almost every aspect of her teaching and her students seemed to love it. This video definitely gave me some new ideas on how to connect the Internet with everyday classroom subjects.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bullying is a serious problem.

This is another blog that I have been reading about Bullying. I am not sure if it is from a students perspective or a teachers. Either way it is very interesting. The comments others have left are insightful. They talk about how they are bullied and what they are trying to do to stop it. I think that with my chosen profession (early childhood education) it is really important for me to be aware of bullying, in the classroom and outside of it. I hope to learn a lot more from these students as they continue on their quest to stop bullying.

Here is the blog if you are interested.

*Look whats happeing in room 102*

I have started reading this blog as one of the required blogs I can read. They are a class of 20 second grade students living in Quebec, Canada. Most of them started their Kindergarten year speaking only in French. Now they can speak English, too. I commented on one of the blogs they had about playing in the snow. I told how Oklahoma just had snow as well over christmas. The teacher gives most of the blog updates but talks mainley about the students and her classroom. I am looking forward to reading more from these 2nd graders!

Here is the blog if you want to check it out!

Nafiza and the Global Kids

I recently watched a Digital Youth Portrait over Nafiza.

Nafiza's story was really cool in the fact that she started off by saying that she uses technology all of the time. From the point she wakes up in the morning. I think a lot of people can relate to that expecially today were most everyone has access to a cell phone, a computer, video camera, a camera. I think its cool that she is so involed in Global Kids. It seems like a really cool organization. I have never heard of second life, the program she works with but it seems like a good way to spread messages to people. Especially since her teacher puts it up on blogs afterwards.

This video connects with my life like it does most everyones life. Nafiza and her classmates are learning about computers, and the software like a lot of people are with things in this age. The video project they are doing about the injustices in the educational system is a great way to share ideas. Nafiza has taken on a leadership role to other students in helping them with their digital question, and that can relate to me in the fact that I want to help lead others in my choice of profession.

Once I am a teacher I would like to use videos like this to help inspire students to succeed. I would also like to encourage the types of orgaizations that Nafiza's is in for my students.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Buddies that Blog

I watched the following video on Blogging Buddies, and it can be found at the following web address.

My most significant take-away from this video is how much you can see the children love these blogging buddies, and the college students enjoy it too. They help each other improve writing skills, and socializing skills. So it really isn't just a learning experience for Mrs. Cassidy's class it helps Mr. Lewis' class just as much.
This video connects with my own life by helping me remember that students can learn in so many different ways. Blogging is an excellent way to improve writing and socializing skills.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cameron the Digital Boy

My most significant take away from this video would be how technologically smart a kid can be. Children have such an amazing ability to learn, and this video proves it. I wish I was as good at digital things as this little boy was. If I as a teacher try to grow and learn from others, I can help reflect that on my future students.
This video connects with my own experience in the fact that I have been Internet friendly for most of my life, which isn't that surprising what kids aren't these days. But I still do not know as much as Cameron. He knew a lot more than just Internet functions, but all kinds of digital resources. Technology is amazing, you can teach and learn from it in so many ways.


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