Monday, January 25, 2010

A peek at classroom 9

This video helped me take away a lot of great teaching strategies using the computer. The video is based in Nelson, New Zealand and it was over Rachel Boyd's room nine class. The video was a "peek for a week" over her classroom routines and oral language. They also were working on listening and speaking, and narrative writing. The classroom also learned about the usual reading, maths, inquiry learning, and music as well as physical fitness. The classroom has a blog that they use as a learning experience and love feedback from people. They also have a classroom wiki or what they call the "learning hub"

I found it interesting that the students had jobs that they had to do every week involving the blog. One of the jobs in is counting how many people have visited the blog. So they are using reading skills to find the number and then math skills to post the number in the classroom. Another thing that is a wonderful way to help students learn is they use it for their speaking and listening subject. Each student gets up and speaks to the class about something they did over the weekend, or during the week. The students can use the interactive white board to show a picture that they took of what they did over the weekend! They also use the computer to watch a news article on a New Zealand news website.

Ideas given in this video are some that I would absolutely use in my classroom. Ms. Boyd used technology in almost every aspect of her teaching and her students seemed to love it. This video definitely gave me some new ideas on how to connect the Internet with everyday classroom subjects.

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