Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dorothy and Her fun Digital Path.

This was a very cute video in the theme of the wizard of OZ, except it was called the Wizard of Apps. I enjoyed watching it, it is 50 minutes long but I promise it is worth it.

In this video Mrs. Valenza seems like she is a librarian and Dorothy comes into the library she wants to be a good digital citizen. she talks about which is a semantic search, when you search pipl you can see your profile, pictures etc. It is extremely important to use safety on facebook and myspace. the age group on facebook and myspace is getting younger and younger, we need to teach our youth to use safety, they are more vulnerable and more at risk. i thought it was really great how she talked about the website where kids can start discussing the importance of privacy online. Dorothy meets the scarecrow where he is writing a paper and doesn't know if he citing correctly. She then goes on to dicuss researching on the Internet. She then fins the Tin man, who is having a hard time doing a presentation, they want to do it powerfully and make it great. Mrs Valenza then talk about apps that involve creativity and innovation. They then all find the lion who is having communication issues, he is nervous about presenting a project to a large crowd. Mrs. Valenza discusses communication and collaboration. In the end Mrs. Valenza (who is Glenda the good witch) tells the students they don't need to see the wizard of apps, they have everything they need.

This video connects with my own experiences in many ways. I used to have a hard time finding the right research engine for my research papers, so I know how the scarecrow feels. I hope to create a video or project like Mrs. Valenza someday that will help my students excel in all digital areas.

I visited the "playing with images" link and got to see flickr and got to explore how to use copyright-friendly websites. In all the years that I have been using the Internet I never realized how each image I see had to have come from some where, and it is really important to respect the owner and use the copyright correctly.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My VoiceThread!

The following is the VoiceThread I created about loving summer!! I hope you enjoy it!

Digiteens: Researching everything

Digiteens are a group of students who have been researching current topics over the last few years things like safety, bullying, addictive behavior, all kinds of things that include digital citizenship. I didn't know that driving while texting killed more people than driving under the influence a year. It amazes me that driving while texting effects peoples reaction time just as much as driving under the influence. 37% of all car wrecks are caused by DWT.

I found the research of the Digital safety was interesting, these girls stated that Internet safety is so important to days, with younger people being involved in things like myspace and facebook, they could have sexual predators looking at their pictures so make sure its set to private. They talked about other things like having your identity stolen and creating a Sims world.

As a teacher I hope to one day involve my students in digital citizenship education. I think it will help them grow as a student, and they can gain a better
understanding about things they love!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Kelly's OVERSIZED Truth

I chose Kelly's story from independent learning project by students, her story was about obesity. Her story stated that over 1 billion American adults were overweight. She said that 32% of adults were obese which I didn't know. I knew that obesity can have an effect on your health I just didn't know how much, it can cause diabetes, coronary heart disease,myocardial infarction's, strokes, kidney failure and numerous others. That's why I think it is so important to be healthy now days, I want to teach my kids to have healthy lifestyles, but it needs to start with me!

Project Based Learning

The video that I just watched was about real students from all over collaborating in hands on real world projects, all of the students have on thing in common they are all gaining knowledge on the digital age, and they are all excited about learning.

Here's the video check it out!

This video is has so many different stories of students do different project, on class is designing a building meant for the year 2050, another class is researching on a disease one of the students has. All of the schools are using project based learning. One class does a big project where they research, then take field trips together to gather information, then they give an oral presentation on the subject. They can use digital slide shows, or a board with pictures and information on it to show what they have learned.

This connects with my life because I was in an organization in high school called, National History Day. You would choose a topic, research it, then present it with a annotated bibliography to a panel of judges. When you present it you could choose to present it on a board, in a video, or in an presentation. The knowledge I gained while i did these projects has helped me tremendously, in being able to write a paper, in presenting something to individuals, and in using different digital sources.

I would use project based learning in my classroom. I would love to help students be apart of National History Day when I get to be a teacher, maybe I could be a sponsor or a volunteer. I would really love to be a sponsor for any after school activitie that helps students understand something more, even if I don't know the organization it would be so good for me to learn new things and then hopefully I can teach that to my students.

ohhhh summer how I miss you...

I love summer and everything that comes along with it(maybe not the super HOT summer days)So that's why I wanted to do my tell a story in 5 pictures about summer. I miss summer especially with this cold weather we have been having, and doing this project just made me miss it more :)

my family and boyfriend are farmers so seeing an open field, ready for harvest always makes me think of summer.

The next thing that makes me think of summer are flowers, beautiful flowers, here is a sunflower.

Another activitie that I love about summer is swimming.

One of my favorite summer smells is a fresh mowed lawn!

And finally the last reason I love summer is because the fourth of July! My Grandma and Grandpa always have a big fish fry and my whole family comes, it is always so much fun.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Luis: using technology to give back to others

This video is about Luis, he is 18 years old and lives in Cornelius,Oregon. Here is the hyperlink to the website, I hope to one day be able to insert the video right into the blog post, but hey i'm still learning!

My take away from this video is learning something new about Luis and how he uses technology. He loves technology because it is a better way to connect with family and friends. He loves using technology to improve his studies, and to find out information quickly. He tries to use the technology to better his community not just for himself. His favorite sites are YouTube, facebook, and cnet. He talks about how his parents don't really ever use technology except at the ATM. He is apart of an after school program called the Tech Wizards. It is an after school tied mentoring program that introduces under represented youth to education pathways and to career in science technology engineering and math. He also does a project where he observes trees and then reports back then to the city. He also works with students, and building Lego robotics. At the end of his video his mom spoke, and she said that she told him with your hard work, your dreams will come true. How true that is, if you work hard enough anything is possible.

I love to help the community when I can, but Luis is doing an amazing job! I think out of all the videos I have watched so far he is definitely the most giving with his knowledge of technology.

I hope to teach me students in my future classroom about helping others. I am sure that some of my students will be very good at some things when they are older, I hope that I can influence them into giving back to others with that knowledge.