Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Digiteens: Researching everything

Digiteens are a group of students who have been researching current topics over the last few years things like safety, bullying, addictive behavior, all kinds of things that include digital citizenship. I didn't know that driving while texting killed more people than driving under the influence a year. It amazes me that driving while texting effects peoples reaction time just as much as driving under the influence. 37% of all car wrecks are caused by DWT.

I found the research of the Digital safety was interesting, these girls stated that Internet safety is so important to days, with younger people being involved in things like myspace and facebook, they could have sexual predators looking at their pictures so make sure its set to private. They talked about other things like having your identity stolen and creating a Sims world.

As a teacher I hope to one day involve my students in digital citizenship education. I think it will help them grow as a student, and they can gain a better
understanding about things they love!

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