Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dorothy and Her fun Digital Path.

This was a very cute video in the theme of the wizard of OZ, except it was called the Wizard of Apps. I enjoyed watching it, it is 50 minutes long but I promise it is worth it.

In this video Mrs. Valenza seems like she is a librarian and Dorothy comes into the library she wants to be a good digital citizen. she talks about which is a semantic search, when you search pipl you can see your profile, pictures etc. It is extremely important to use safety on facebook and myspace. the age group on facebook and myspace is getting younger and younger, we need to teach our youth to use safety, they are more vulnerable and more at risk. i thought it was really great how she talked about the website where kids can start discussing the importance of privacy online. Dorothy meets the scarecrow where he is writing a paper and doesn't know if he citing correctly. She then goes on to dicuss researching on the Internet. She then fins the Tin man, who is having a hard time doing a presentation, they want to do it powerfully and make it great. Mrs Valenza then talk about apps that involve creativity and innovation. They then all find the lion who is having communication issues, he is nervous about presenting a project to a large crowd. Mrs. Valenza discusses communication and collaboration. In the end Mrs. Valenza (who is Glenda the good witch) tells the students they don't need to see the wizard of apps, they have everything they need.

This video connects with my own experiences in many ways. I used to have a hard time finding the right research engine for my research papers, so I know how the scarecrow feels. I hope to create a video or project like Mrs. Valenza someday that will help my students excel in all digital areas.

I visited the "playing with images" link and got to see flickr and got to explore how to use copyright-friendly websites. In all the years that I have been using the Internet I never realized how each image I see had to have come from some where, and it is really important to respect the owner and use the copyright correctly.

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