Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Parallel Play

This video was about Paula White and the title was Parallel Play or Collaboration–Leveraging the Wiki Platform for High Quality Work. She created a wiki space for her students and other and everything she shared is on this wiki.

She has been using wiki's for 3 years. She started this all because of a blog that she asked for other to share with her wikis that showed true collaboration real thinking for the kids. She wanted to involved students more deeply in learning. she got online and looked at examples of wikis's to find how people feel about wiki's. She found a few on collaboration but none for the students. She stated that wikis help engage students. She also expressed that students have to want to blog and wiki about certain things, you can't push them. You need to motivate them, give them something that they care about so that they can be engaged more authentically.

Wikis are definitely motivating I think they can be a very powerful tool to involve students. This video can connect with my experience in many ways. Ms. White wants to motivated children in her classroom and on the web, and I think that is very important when teaching students. She also wants to create something that will help them learn. Her students were excited by how she presented the wiki's. She explained using wikis and helped me have a better understanding.

I hope to use wikis in my classroom someday, one of her students did a wiki over a math assignment and by doing that she gained more than if she were to just do the assignment. I think that by encouraging students to do things outside their box you are preparing them for future challenges.

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  1. You are right student motivation is KEY. When students are more motivated to accomplish a task they spend more time on it, and generally both do a better job AND learn more! :-)