Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Project Based Learning

The video that I just watched was about real students from all over collaborating in hands on real world projects, all of the students have on thing in common they are all gaining knowledge on the digital age, and they are all excited about learning.

Here's the video check it out!

This video is has so many different stories of students do different project, on class is designing a building meant for the year 2050, another class is researching on a disease one of the students has. All of the schools are using project based learning. One class does a big project where they research, then take field trips together to gather information, then they give an oral presentation on the subject. They can use digital slide shows, or a board with pictures and information on it to show what they have learned.

This connects with my life because I was in an organization in high school called, National History Day. You would choose a topic, research it, then present it with a annotated bibliography to a panel of judges. When you present it you could choose to present it on a board, in a video, or in an presentation. The knowledge I gained while i did these projects has helped me tremendously, in being able to write a paper, in presenting something to individuals, and in using different digital sources.

I would use project based learning in my classroom. I would love to help students be apart of National History Day when I get to be a teacher, maybe I could be a sponsor or a volunteer. I would really love to be a sponsor for any after school activitie that helps students understand something more, even if I don't know the organization it would be so good for me to learn new things and then hopefully I can teach that to my students.

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