Thursday, January 21, 2010

Nafiza and the Global Kids

I recently watched a Digital Youth Portrait over Nafiza.

Nafiza's story was really cool in the fact that she started off by saying that she uses technology all of the time. From the point she wakes up in the morning. I think a lot of people can relate to that expecially today were most everyone has access to a cell phone, a computer, video camera, a camera. I think its cool that she is so involed in Global Kids. It seems like a really cool organization. I have never heard of second life, the program she works with but it seems like a good way to spread messages to people. Especially since her teacher puts it up on blogs afterwards.

This video connects with my life like it does most everyones life. Nafiza and her classmates are learning about computers, and the software like a lot of people are with things in this age. The video project they are doing about the injustices in the educational system is a great way to share ideas. Nafiza has taken on a leadership role to other students in helping them with their digital question, and that can relate to me in the fact that I want to help lead others in my choice of profession.

Once I am a teacher I would like to use videos like this to help inspire students to succeed. I would also like to encourage the types of orgaizations that Nafiza's is in for my students.

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