Thursday, April 22, 2010


I choose to present my petcha kutcha over chocolate, we were asked to do it over something we have a passion for and I have a very big passion for chocolate! (hehe) I love chocolate, it always makes me feel better when I get to eat it and I love to make desserts that have chocolate in them. I got to thinking about I love chocolate so much but I don't really know where it grows, what country it started in, how its made etc, so I wanted to take this oppournuntiy to research about it so I can know more.

I also was able to record my petcha kutcha in voicethread


  1. This was great, of course, it made me want to go out and get some chocolate. You found a creative and enjoyable subject. I like that you mixed some bright colors into the piece. I laughed several times as I was going through the piece. Thanks, I needed a smile and chocolate always makes me smile.

  2. I have to say that this was worth looking for. Great job, have you invented smell a vision for the internet yet?

  3. Yes, this was good. You need to change the permission setting on your VoiceThread, however, so it's public and we can see it!